Fabrication Drawing


 Contract your fabrication drawings confidently with Luoma, which boasts over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience. Our experience team creates 2D and 3D fabrication drawings to manufacturers/contractors for proper machining and assembly of the finished product.

We know how to build, we know what information is important to the fabricator, and we reflect that information clearly and concisely in our fabrication drawings. Using AutoDesk Inventor, we create 2D and 3D fabrication drawings to manufacturers/contractors for proper machining and assembly of the finished product.

Fabrication Drawing Advantages with Inventor

  • Ability to create parts before it is built
  • Visualize assembly and installation in 3D
  • Correct design problems on the go
  • Use existing DWG files to build accurate 3D
  • Export 3D models and view in DWG files
  • Work together with suppliers that rely on Inventor
  • Creates a realistic representation of your design
  • Any changes are instantly updated in the bill of materials
  • Files can be exported to Microsoft Excel models software in their machining processes materials

Grow your staff without hiring by contracting the drawings of your next fabrication project with Luoma.