3D Innovative Model Design Department

  • BIM is a data sharing and delivery system providing a 3D virtual building model that is information rich, collaborative in nature, and visually compelling. BIM design provides a virtual build of the entire structure in 3D prior to physical construction.
  • Contract your fabrication drawings confidently with Luoma, which boasts over 100 years of combined manufacturing experience. Our experienced team creates 2D and 3D fabrication drawings to manufacturers/contractors for proper machining and assembly of the finished product.
  • Proposal/Prebid Design can be critical for project award. Luoma can assist in 2D and 3D proposal drawing creation. 
  • Luoma's NFRC Approved Simulator Accreditation ensures thermal modeling services that deliver accuracy and confidence that you can rely on. Our thermal modeling services provide detailed energy demand and performance data for any fenestration product.